Magnuson Industries, Inc. Posi-Pour

Posi-Pour Blister Pack Design

Magnuson Industries needed packaging for their Posi-Pour One Oz. beverage pourer. We created a blister pack that clearly displays the benefit of the automatic stop pourer used for mixed drinks.

DiSusa Imports: Stock Asti

Distillerie STOCK USA, Ltd. is one of the world’s largest independent beverage industry corporations.

We were pleased to serve DiSusa Imports with specialty labeling, gift boxes and shipper boxes for their Stock Asti D.O.C.G. Wine.

Middle West Distributors, Inc. — Born Free Pet Products

Middle West distributes pet foods and treats within the Chicago, IL / Milwaukee, WI / Madison, WI markets, their suburbs and all points in between.

Insight Design Solutions supported Middle West Distributors by creating:

  • logo/branding for main brands: Born Free (healthy dog food) and Mi Pet (healthy dog snacks)
  • packaging
  • illustration
  • photography and photography direction
  • creative direction
  • graphic design
  • point-of-sale


Publication Ads


FONA Brand Standards and Packaging

FONA creates and produces flavors for many of the largest food, beverage and nutritional companies in the world. IDS was commissioned to create brand standards and packaging, in addition to the original logo addendum for international applications.

FONA brand standards manual

Precision Instruments

Precision Instruments has been part of the IDS family from early on in their business ventures. We’ve had the unique opportunity to serve multi-generations within this exceptional company.

We have been fortunate to serve Precision Instruments since 2002. We have supported their exponential growth throughout the years with logo and branding, advertising, package design, meticulous tool illustrations, photography, photography direction, catalogs, sell sheets, trade show marketing and so much more.

Advertisements and sell sheets featuring custom photography

Ads utilizing Precision’s original Torkey illustrations

Custom illustration and packaging

Collateral (logo, sell sheets, business card, stationery)