Turfgrass Producers International

Turfgrass Producers International has served the natural turfgrass needs of homeowners, commercial properties and recreation facilities for over 50 years.

Insight Design Solutions, Inc. served Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) in a production capacity, offering layout and print management for its bimonthly 68-page member magazine. We also designed auxiliary deliverables, including newsletters and logos.

TPI Business Management Newsletter
TPI Ad Guidelines
Sample TLI Tear-Out


Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal was an international law firm that served businesses, non-profits and individuals.

We were commissioned by Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal to create an employee benefits handbook that served over 800 lawyers and other professionals.

Sonnenschein Employee Handbook

America’s Bar & Grill

America’s Bar & Grill is a fan-favorite sports and dance bar located just outside of Chicago.

America’s Bar & Grill hired us to solve the marketing challenge of offering their patrons both a daytime menu and a completely different nighttime menu. Our solution was to create a double-sided menu, with daytime fares in white and evening fares in black.

Weber-Stephen Products Marketing

Weber-Stephen Products Company is a world leading manufacturer of grills and grilling accessories.

IDS supported Weber-Stephen Products with many diverse marketing pieces — most were created for business-to-business sales support .


The OTC Foundation (OTCF: Osteosynthesis & Trauma Care Foundation) is a Swiss non-profit foundation incorporated in Solothurn, Switzerland.

The OTC Foundation in Switzerland commissioned us for branding, stationery, education course brochures, newsletters, announcements and investor presentations. 

Because OTC is a non-profit foundation, it was important to provide them with not only pre-printed marketing materials, but also materials that could be printed on personal desktop printers and shared digitally.

Soleil Systems

Soleil Sytems, Inc. is a privately-held sun tanning equipment company.

Soleil Systems, Inc. commissioned IDS for photo direction, branding and sales catalog development and design.

Soleil Systems Catalog

Advanced Behavioral Solutions (ABS)

Advanced Behavioral Solutions is a comprehensive psychological practice that provides a variety of therapeutic services.

To help ABS develop a stronger rapport with its patients, we created a series of relaxed
and informative quarterly newsletters that spoke to them on a personal level.

Cruz Financial Group, Inc.

Cruz Financial Group, Inc. is a professional insurance firm that provides “strategic retirement ideas and concepts for busy professionals” since 1990.

We developed this sales brochure and branding for Cruz Financial Group to showcase the values that separate them from other financial firms focused only on finances. Cruz was a life planner long before it was considered standard practice to be involved in clients’ life events.

Dr. Moy’s Lasik Lookbook

Dr. John J. Moy is an ophthalmologist with a private practice in Park Ridge, IL.

We created a guide to Lasik when the notion of having Lasik surgery was still very new and somewhat frightening. This booklet visually explained the difference between blurry and sharp vision and showed his clients what they were missing by not having Lasik surgery. It helped his patients understand the physical benefits awaiting them, while also anticipating a new life full of excitement and possibility. The number of Lasik surgeries increased exponentially with this brochure.

Illinois Department of Labor

The Illinois Department of Labor is responsible for the administration and enforcement of labor and safety laws.

The IL Department of Labor wanted to spotlight the disparity of earnings between men, women and minorities in their Annual Report. We visually accomplished this distinction by using the subtle symbols of male/female on the cover. The 68-page annual report was enclosed in a four-page cover. By printing this project two-color we were also able to significantly reduce printing costs.

Oakridge Diagnostics, Inc.

Oakridge Diagnostics facilitates the provision of timely, cost-effective and high quality diagnostic care in a safe, secure environment.

Oakridge Diagnostics needed a leave-behind folder and information packet. This was a very flexible option for them as the information they added to the folder changed often.

Arena Americas

Arena Americas is a division of Arena Group, a global event rental company that designs complete temporary environments for prestigious sporting and cultural occasions, including the Ryder Cup, Wimbledon, the Olympics and many more.

Our mission for Arena Americas was to provide the US sales team with a comprehensive range of sales literature booklets and presentations.

IDS was commissioned to create applied branding for products and services offered in the US market. We created a capabilities leave-behind: Arena presentation folder insert pagesArena bid booklet, a capabilities interactive presentation and sell sheets.

Arena Americas Presentation Folder

Middle West Distributors, Inc. — Born Free Pet Products

Middle West distributes pet foods and treats within the Chicago, IL / Milwaukee, WI / Madison, WI markets, their suburbs and all points in between.

Insight Design Solutions supported Middle West Distributors by creating:

  • logo/branding for main brands: Born Free (healthy dog food) and Mi Pet (healthy dog snacks)
  • packaging
  • illustration
  • photography and photography direction
  • creative direction
  • graphic design
  • point-of-sale


Publication Ads

Precision Instruments

Precision Instruments has been part of the IDS family from early on in their business ventures. We’ve had the unique opportunity to serve multi-generations within this exceptional company.

We have been fortunate to serve Precision Instruments since 2002. We have supported their exponential growth throughout the years with logo and branding, advertising, package design, meticulous tool illustrations, photography, photography direction, catalogs, sell sheets, trade show marketing and so much more.

Advertisements and sell sheets featuring custom photography

Ads utilizing Precision’s original Torkey illustrations

Custom illustration and packaging

Collateral (logo, sell sheets, business card, stationery)